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We all have “moments” in life. Let me help you get through some of yours a little easier.


“The Natural High… Learning to Love Life”

A dynamic interactive program emphasizing physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, including points on diet, exercise, humor, hugs, discovering our inner child, and the use of quiet time. This popular program is guaranteed to leave your audience feeling good about themselves and your company. It can be tailored to meetings of all sizes and can be expanded into a half or day long seminar with the specialized programs that follow.

Carol’s Specialized Programs

How are you preparing to keep the winning edge? It has become essential for companies not only to keep their workers happy to reduce turnover, but to help them feel valued. Troubled workers dealing with stress, anxiety and depression in the workplace reduce productivity and increase health costs. The following programs developed by Carol will motivate, inspire, educate and entertain.

I.   Putting People First…..empowerment, re-energizing, workplace enthusiasm

II.  Customer Satisfaction vs. Customer Service…..the secret of cooperation, performance

III. Still the Strangest Secret….attitude adjustment, seeing opportunities

IV.  Wellness in the Workplace….developing a healthy lifestyle, recharge

V.   Leadership with your Head and Heart …..discovery of personal leadership traits



The real bottom-line in training in the new workplace is this: the individual is the final authority on what is learned and how it is used. The goal is to cultivate people’s natural ability to grow and succeed on their own terms. In day-to-day interactions between people in organizations there is a tremendous amount of human energy consumed in unproductive conflict. Focusing on the diversity issue, this program will help the participants to understand that different just means different.

A personal profile will be used to help individuals understand themselves in order to better understand others. The profile also helps in choosing the best possible person for each job – selecting, developing and managing employees for maximum potential. Tools will be taught to balance efficiency and insight into maximum effectiveness for your organization by discovering unique talents, core behaviors and problem solving abilities.

Also included..

Ten proven ways to build winning relationships with everyone, everyday..

Nine behavioral skills for effective interpersonal communications

Eight methods to deal with handling difficult people and your emotions on the job.

The result of this training will be a sense of empowerment, the ability to use new tools to build self-esteem, to re-energize for extra enthusiasm, create new coping skills and gain balance personally and professionally through prioritizing and goal setting.


In the past few people were trained to pay attention to the other half of their job – the people part. Their time and energy were invested in technical aspects. As a result, poor service is still a major concern for most organizations. It is also true that employees have not been conditioned or encouraged to treat people inside their own organization as well as they treat customers outside. Often they work hard and are frustrated because customers remain unsatisfied and peer relationships are poor.

This interesting and fun program will build the people side into performance. Included will be skills and techniques that can be used to enhance relationships with both internal and external customers.

Discussion will focus on learning eight early-warning signals and five proven ways to keep yourself up and motivated to provide satisfaction every time.

Discover the secret of cooperation using problem solving rather than blaming, along with seven practical steps for handling irate people.

Learn specific words and phrases to build cooperative relationships and obtain on-going feedback.

Acquire voice and email tips that will add value to your communications along with the right stuff to rope in customers on the phone.

As the attendee enhances his or her ability to handle the people part of a job, an improvement in all personal relationships will be an added and attractive fringe benefit. Participants will discover that being kind is better than always being right and will learn to enjoy people, the greatest miracles and the greatest mysteries.


Most people still believe that attitudes just happen. They don’t. The thoughts we hold in our mind, over time, become our attitudes. This program will appeal to diverse groups that want to experience an adventure in attitude adjustment. It is time tested and life changing for human relations. The United States Census on hiring, training and management practices in business today reveals that employers ranked attitude at the top of their priority list.

Teachings will include:

Increasing your flexibility and overcoming resistance to change through a personal inventory Bending with the Wind.

Building self-awareness of strengths, talents and abilities using a planned program.

Fostering communication and teamwork, learning how to talk to anyone about anything. Acquire twelve effective listening tools!

Discovering your creativity, leadership and innovation skills with a personal effectiveness grid.

Goal setting – why it is so important to set both short term and long term goals and to have a set method of accountability for both.

How to create a climate of empowerment, not compliance, achieving new levels of performance while transforming negative attitudes into positive ones.

Participants move through ten high-involvement areas critical to changing attitudes and improving communication and motivation. Passive resistance will be turned into high-energy performance. The gift of this program will be acting instead of reacting, seeing opportunities instead of problems and thinking WE CAN instead of We Can’t


We are all painfully aware of our runaway health costs and the staggering consequences of illness and disability that have forced companies to respond aggressively. National studies have revealed the state of American workers and its workplaces and the picture is not pretty.

The majority of workers feel tired and ‘used up’. Over half reported being emotionally drained and burned out by work. Many say they sometimes can not cope with all the things they have to do.

Counseling is often needed for dealing with personal relationships, parenting, addiction, financial issues and other “everyday life” challenges.

The Wellness in the Workplace Program will begin with the Adult APGAR, a brief, self-scoring instrument that assists physicians in monitoring their own wellness status.

Skills taught include:

Becoming comfortable with our own vulnerability.

Discovering the joys of imperfection.

Developing a healthy lifestyle that will continually recharge our emotional, physical, social and spiritual batteries.

34 great ideas for health information staff development.

In re-learning habits of the heart, positive powers such as play, praise and prayer are fine-tuned. This can result in a natural high, a way to live and love that will produce energy, enthusiasm and excitement.

Job wellness is good business — lower health insurance premiums, less absenteeism and turnover, not to mention increased productivity and performance and improved employee morale to enhance your company image.


From today’s society of advanced technology and larger organizations, to avoid submitting to oppressive bureaucratic rules and autocratic leadership we must demystify the leader. Only when we are able to renounce the wish for authority and the leader who solves ALL problems, will we gain the clarity to choose leaders who encourage us to solve them together.

Old models of leadership do not work in the age of individual rights and self-expression. Leaders today are challenged to bring out the very best in people, encouraging the most productive traits in their social character. They must create people oriented goals that the modern workforce can respond to and therefore have ownership and pride in their accomplishment.

The Art of Leadership program includes a profile that will show individuals the multiple dimensions of the role and illustrate how leaders and followers can interchange roles as the situation demands.

Participants will explore leadership from three perspectives and come to understand the concept of the servant-leader. A highlight will be the discovery of personal leadership characteristics and values, including the common sense of geese:

“Stay in formation with those headed where you want to go!— Malcolm Knowles

The single most important thing in helping adults learn is to create

a climate of mutual trust, openness, authenticity, and helping

creating a HUMAN environment.”

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