What People Say About Her

What Her Clients Say

Florida Roofing Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors Association, Inc.

“Carol has been a speaker for our conventions [for years] and has been unanimously requested each year. She is intelligent, down to earth and very humorous with her approach to everyday problems and situations. We have been very pleased.”

Barbara Powell, Federally Employed Women’s Conference, March 2006

“Your workshop, ‘Putting People First,’ was truly inspiring. We enjoyed getting reacquainted since the keynote addresses you gave in 2002 are still being talked about. Everyone loved the bears.”

Jo Clifford, Ph.D – Joy Christian Counseling Center in Ocala

“The majority of your evaluations rated your session as excellent – a great way to end a great conference. They felt uplifted by your humorous yet poignant presentation. We all love Sister Mary Margaret – even the Protestants! God has blessed you with the ability to be a great communicator in many different forums. You are a breath of fresh air and people need to hear your message.”

Kentucky Fried Chicken

“Carol, you have a wonderful ability to deliver [your message] to groups of various sizes and makeup. And even after having heard you speak three times, I would jump at the chance to hear your advice given not with a spoonful of sugar but with a warm smile, a caring heart and a sparkle in your eye. I enjoy your gift and hope to work with you again soon.”

Paxson Communications Corporation

“Your program was the perfect session to end our conference. It was uplifting, very personal, inspiring and left all those who attended with a very positive feeling about themselves and certainly about Paxson Communications. We love you and want you back.”

University of Alabama

“Your ability to help people face serious problems in a new way is a special gift. I hope that you will have many opportunities to distribute hugs and warm fuzzies across the land. We all need them.”

American College Osteopathic Family Physicians Auxiliary

“In a difficult scene, you took the microphone and did your magic. Your grasp of human nature was refreshing and your presentation a blend of warmth and comfort. We found ourselves chuckling, laughing and crying at your many stories, anecdotes and insights.”

Clemson University Professional Development for Women

“She was better than excellent. An informative, humorous, real person. I could have listened to her for hours. I loved the material, great inspiration and words to grow on! I’ll never forget this session.”

The International Institute of Municipal Clerks

“I could NOT have felt better if I’d called my office and was told I got a promotion and a raise.”

Pilot International

“Carol was the best speaker we’ve had in a long time. Dynamite! The convention evaluation contained many of these complimentary remarks about your presentation. You were truly the highlight of the convention.”

WESH Televsion, Inc.

“Your confidence in addressing a room full of TV and radio executives on the mystery of communication only confirmed your ability to address even the worst critics. Accolades came from all, after our meeting.”

Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc.

“Your ability to show people that they do not need to be afraid of showing their vulnerability and emotions, but to be considerate of others regardless of those emotions, was so successful.”

American Association for Partial Hospitalization, Inc.

“Within the first half hour of your talk I was amazed and delighted to see our audience of sober professionals spontaneously forming a conga line and dancing, obviously exhilarated and awake to your message.”

Florida Public Relations Association

“In an age where we’re constantly challenged to excel … reach a little higher, a little farther … its important to balance this thrust with urging to take care of ourselves along the way. You did that masterfully and I believe each of us came away with a new perspective.”

Florida Dairy Products Association

“I have heard nothing but raves about your presentation. The humor, energy and substance gave our group an opportunity to learn and laugh at the same time. It was a great way to kick off our Convention.”

Ceridian Employer Services

“Your sessions were some of the most popular this year, and the evaluations that our customers filled out showed that they were impressed. Some comments were juvenating! — Thanks. I’m rushing home to find an old baby picture for my office. — Longer session, it was great! — Thanks for the lifting of spirits and enlightened presentation!”

Carols Clients Include:

• Florida Public Relations Association

• Kentucky Fried Chicken

• Paxson Communications Corporation

• Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc.

• Clemson University

• International Institute of Municipal Clerks

• University of Alabama

• Ceridian Employer Services

• Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants

• American Association for Partial Hospitalization, Inc.

• Florida Alcohol & Drug Abuse Association

• Professional Association of Health Care Office Managers

• Florida Dairy Products Association

• Pilot International

• Florida Roofing, Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors, Inc.

• U.S. Department of Justice

• American Radiological Nurses Association

• Amalgamated Life

• WESH Television, Inc.

• American College Osteopathic Family Physicians

• Florida Federation of Womens Clubs, Business & Professional, Inc.

• Florida Hospices, Inc.

• American Association of Medical Assistants

• American Association of Christian Counselors

• Telephone Pioneers of America

• American Guild of Patient Account Management

• New York Times Regional Newspapers

• International Order of Foresters

• Health Occupation Students of America

• Numerous cities, chambers, hospitals and civic organizations

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